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OptiMedium December 2017

In this OptiMedium you will get a taste for what 2018 will bring for OptiMedis: establishing the Digital & Health Innovation Centre (a new Business Unit at OptiMedis), developing detailed plans for implementing sustainable integrated care in the Greater Rhine-Neckar Region of Germany with its 2.4 million residents, starting four new EU research projects early 2018, and much more to come…

Digital & Health Innovation Centre: New evaluation process to test innovations in care

OptiMedis AG wants to make it easier for promising innovations in healthcare to be translated into routine care provision. It has established a Digital & Health Innovation Centre that evaluates innovations like health apps, online interventions or health programmes and tests them in real-world scenarios. The aim is to complement the classic evaluation processes in the healthcare sector by focusing on practical application, generating business cases and modelling its impact - thus making it easier for health insurance companies, management companies, networks of physicians or hospitals to make selections in the complex innovations market.

Training Network for Healthcare Performance Intelligence Professionals: European Commission funds 13 PhD candidates – 2 positions available at OptiMedis

A new generation of healthcare professionals is needed to support healthcare systems to achieve a balance between improving the health of populations, delivering quality care for individuals, and containing costs. To meet this need, a European “Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks” grant has been awarded to the Healthcare Performance Intelligence Professional (HealthPros) Consortium. Starting in January 2018, the consortium will train 13 PhD candidates – 2 of them at OptiMedis.

Ockham Healthcare Podcast: OptiMedis-COBIC UK-Director Dr Nicholas Hicks about Accountable Care

Nick Hicks, CEO of OptiMedis-COBIC UK and COBIC, has been a GP and a Chief Executive and Director of Public Health for a PCT. In this podcast, recorded by Ockham Healthcare, Nick describes how the experience of working directly with communities to discuss their health outcomes led to the formation of COBIC. He describes a system of outcome-based contracting that creates the conditions for innovation and outlines the fundamentals of accountable care.

Germany’s first health kiosk opens in Hamburg-Billstedt

Access to healthcare will be made simple, proficient and quick for residents in the districts of Billstedt and Horn in Hamburg. This has been made possible by the first health kiosk in Germany, which was officially opened on 28th August 2017.

BonVenture invests six-digit amount in OptiMedis

Following an intense business model evaluation, the Munich-based BonVenture Group invested a large six-digit amount of its BonVenture III social entrepreneurship fund to promote the development of OptiMedis AG.

OptiMedium June 2017

In this issue you read amongst other articles: OptiMedis AG expands its board of directors and appoints new supervisory boards, Hamburg project excites International Foundation of Integrated Care guests, OptiMedis – expanding its scope in the UK and the new EU Research Project: HealthPros.

Reading tip: A wise man never plays leapfrog with a Unicorn – Dr Axel Heitmüller on the magic of ACOs

Follow this link to read a great blogarticle from our partners at Imperial College Health Partners about Accountable Care Organizations.

OptiMedium October 2016

In this issue you read amongst other articles: Performance Management in Accountable Care Organizations: Insights from a one-year Harkness Fellowship in the US, 10 years Gesundes Kinzigtal – role model for the future of health care, OptiMedis is going to establish OptiMedis Belgium, OptiMedis Nederland starts integrated birth care project.

OptiMedis is Partner of "Outcomes-Based Healthcare Commissioning Programme"

Imperial College Health Partners has launched an Outcomes-Based Healthcare Commissioning Programme in partnership with OptiMedis AG, COBIC, the International Foundation for Integrated Care, UCLPartners and the North West London Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups’ Change Academy.