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The potential for better healthcare in Germany is great. We know this.

OptiMedis AG, founded in 2003, is a health management company, Germany-based but working ans well in the international arena, for instance with a joint venture in the Netherlands (www.optimedis.nl). Its goal is to provide, together with partners in regional settings all over the world, a substantial health benefit to the population. We develop regional, multi-professional health networks in which physicians, therapists and hospitals, as well as pharmacies, gyms, clubs, schools, businesses and local authorities are involved. These are based on integrated healthcare contracts with health insurers.

Using interventions based on good health science, an excellent network of doctors and therapists, and patient motivation, we improve the health condition of the population and create health benefit for the entire region. At the same time we drop health insurance expenses.

Our IC project, Gesundes Kinzigtal, in which we implement all of this, is known throughout Germany.

We have created a sustainable health network in the South Baden region. In the years to come we will be extending our model to other Kinzigtals in Germany and Europe. To achieve this we are already working with committed networks of doctors in numerous regions, both in and outside Germany.

Our focus at a glance

  • We develop and manage regional integrated healthcare which involves all specialist groups and sectors.
  • We analyze healthcare data and conduct real life healthcare research

We work together with several national and international associations and networks.

Facts and Figures

Foundation: 2003
Shareholder: Hildebrandt Vermögensverwaltung GmbH, Helmut Hildebrandt
Turnover 2013: 962000 Euro
Turnover 2014: 1.044.137 Euro
Employees: 17