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The NHS European Office is working with NHS England to provide support to the Integrated Care Pioneers, vanguards, and Integrated Personal Commissioning sites. This package of support aims to help NHS colleagues develop links and share learning with organisations at the leading edge of integrated care in other parts of Europe.

During 2015/16, they will be focusing on four different EU models that could be of interest to NHS colleagues looking to transform how they provide care for their populations:

  • Alzira in Spain
  • Buurtzorg in The Netherlands
  • The Esther Network, Jönköping, Sweden
  • Gesundes Kinzigtal in Germany

The NHS European Office will be running a webinar on each of the models, enabling colleagues to hear from, and question, the European leaders responsible for developing and evolving their particular model of healthcare. Selected NHS organisations will then have the opportunity to visit the models to see first-hand their evolution and key principles, and discuss how they might relate to their own strategic context.

The last webinar in the current series will focus on Gesundes Kinzigtal in Germany and will take place on 26 November, at 12.00pm.

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