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Medical healthcare is successful when it is constantly evaluated and adjusted. This is what makes healthcare research so important to us.

Our Integrated Care Project, Gesundes Kinzigtal, is one of the few in which scientific evaluation by university institutions has been made compulsory. In addition to that, we conduct routine analyses of the regional healthcare provided by Gesundes Kinzigtal; from analysis of the potential of specific healthcare programs to health-economic modelling to evaluation (for example, quasi-experimental control group approaches using propensity score matching). This means that we can quickly evaluate whether we are achieving our goals and where there is potential for further intervention and optimization.

We analyze not only our own work, but also that of others. In our Data Warehouse we process routine and other treatment data for other networks and health insurers, e.g. from practice management systems.

We create a simple market and potential analysis, and build a standardized reporting and benchmarking system (e.g. for our healthcare cockpits) which can be used to deliver important information on the quality of their work to the network members, as well as make comparisons between practices possible. We are also able to create complex health economic studies which shed light on the effectiveness and efficiency of overall healthcare or of individual partial interventions in a region. We are well-situated for this, with associations with numerous healthcare research departments in Germany and internationally, and are in ongoing exchange with our colleagues at universities.

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