Integrated Care for Greater Health Benefit

The idea of Integrated Care is simple: each person should know what the other is doing.

Specialists in practice and clinics achieve consensus more readily, making the treatment of the patient as effective as possible and preventing risks by, for instance, double examinations or medication interaction.

For us, however, Integrated Care means so much more.

Firstly, we link the public health approach with classical medical healthcare. Secondly, we bring together all major players in a region. This leads to the establishment of healthcare networks in which doctors, therapists and hospitals, as well as pharmacies, gyms, clubs, schools, businesses and local authorities, are involved. Our project Gesundes (“Healthy”) Kinzigtal GmbH is one of the leading managed care-systems in Germany (read more).

And, of particular importance to us: everything we do is evaluated.

Evaluation by university research institutes and our own healthcare research means that we can measure our success and ensure continuous improvement. Gesundes Kinzigtal, well-known throughout Germany, shows that our idea works (read more). And, not only there.

What makes our regional IC Model unique:

We work with committed medical networks, therapists and hospitals in numerous German regions an in the Netherlands (read more).

Are you a doctor, therapist, or do you represent a health insurance company, institution or authority? We can implement cross-sectoral integrated healthcare in your region too. Please contact us.