Networks and Projects - OptiMedis AG

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We work with committed medical networks, therapists and hospitals in numerous German regions, including Kinzigtal in Baden-Württemberg and the Hannover region. Our common goal – as is the case in Gesundes Kinzigtal – is to build an integrated healthcare system based on the Triple Aim principles with one or more health insurers, which involves all specialist groups and sectors (read more).

To implement our concept for better healthcare in the Netherlands we have, with our partner Adstrat Consulting, established OptiMedis Nederland (read more).

We work together with several national and international associations and networks. For example, Helmut Hildebrandt, CEO of OptiMedis AG, is board member of the International Foundation for Integrated Care and the German Managed Care Association (BMC).

At the same time we’re involved with various European Projects; you can read more about these here.