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The goal of OptiMedis AG is to build integrated healthcare structures in which doctors, therapists, hospitals, pharmacies and many other partners work in close collaboration. Our project Gesundes (“Healthy”) Kinzigtal GmbH is one of the leading accountable care systems in Germany. 

Gesundes Kinzigtal 

GK Logo webGesundes Kinzigtal GmbH is a health care management company located in the small German town of Haslach, and on the banks of the river Kinzig. It is a joint venture between a network of physicians in Kinzigtal and OptiMedis AG and is responsible for organising care and improving the health of nearly half of the 71,000 population of Kinzigtal in Southwest Germany. About 50% of all General Practitioners and about 65% of the specialists in the Kinzigtal area are partners in the project. Since 2006, Gesundes Kinzigtal has held long-term contracts with two German not-for-profit sickness funds to integrate health and care services for their insured populations in Kinzigtal – covering all age groups and care settings, regardless of the healthcare provider. Approximately one third of the insured population of the sickness fund have actively enrolled in Gesundes Kinzigtal, which is free of charge. One of them is the SVLFG – formerly known and referred to as LKK – a special insurer for farmers and their families, while the second is AOK Baden-Württemberg, the biggest health insurer in the Southwest of Germany.

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Gesundheit für Billstedt/Horn

Gesundheit fuer Billstedt Horn RGBAt the beginning of 2017, the establishment of an innovative, patient-oriented and inter-sectoral healthcare network in two of Hamburg’s disadvantaged suburbs, Billstedt and Horn, was launched. The long-term aim of this new model of care is to improve health-related chances of the citizens living in two neighbourhoods located in the East of Hamburg. These citizens get ill earlier in life, are more likely to suffer from a chronic disease and have a lower life expectancy. At the same time, access to healthcare is limited – there are for example less primary care physicians and specialists in Billstedt and Horn than in other parts of Hamburg.
The partners of the network carry out various interventions aimed at strengthening the collaboration between the medical and social sectors. 

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Gesunder Werra-Meißner-Kreis

GWMK Logo RGBOptiMedis and the regional health insurance BKK Werra-Meißner are establishing a new health care network and integrated and community-based health care in the northern Hessian district of Werra-Meißner. In May 2018, the partners concluded a long-term, performance-related agreement with partial assumption of budget responsibility in accordance with § 140 a SGB V (German Social Code). Together with the administrative district, networks of physicians, social institutions and the office for economic development, the partners are now setting up a comprehensive health network. It is based on the success of the ´Gesundes Kinzigtal´ integrated care project in the state of Baden-Württemberg, with the aim of improving health service provision and reducing inefficiencies in care. A regional integrator company will be established, in which doctors and other partners can participate.

The region has 100,715 inhabitants. BKK Werra-Meißner's share of those with statutory health insurance is almost 25%, and the company has a great interest in improving and securing regional care.