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OptiMedis Cobic RGBIn December 2016 OptiMedis AG and COBIC Ltd established a joint venture in the UK: OptiMedis-COBIC UK Ltd (OM-C). Both organisations cooperated throughout 2016 on an executive training programme on outcomes-based commissioning, designed by OptiMedis and implemented in collaboration with COBIC Ltd and the International Foundation for Integrated Care. Based on the successful partnership within the scope of the initial and various subsequent development programmes, delivered in ever closer collaboration with COBIC, the goal of the joint venture is to support the implementation of population-based integrated care models within the NHS (National Health Service) context.

“The NHS is undergoing substantial change at the moment: until now the purchaser-provider split was a key characteristic of the NHS functioning, now the establishment of Accountable Care Systems that unite both purchasing and provision functions is explicitly supported by NHS England” says Dr Oliver Gröne, Vice-Chairman of the Board of OptiMedis, who prior to joining OptiMedis investigated quality of care and health systems as Associate Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Together with Dr Nicholas Hicks, CEO of OptiMedis-COBIC UK Ltd and Andrew Smith, its Finance Director, the management team of OM-C currently negotiates with several health geographies in the UK to act as a regional integrator company of their Accountable Care Systems, providing health data analytics, implementing care programmes, devising population health management strategies, aligning IT strategy implementation and supporting organisational change processes. “We are very pleased that we are amongst the few companies selected to deliver our services in the NHS. As a value-driven organisation, OM-C couples the management and data analytics expertise of OptiMedis AG with the thorough knowledge on contractual and financing issues delivered by our colleagues from COBIC.”

OM-C collaborates closely with some key partners in the NHS, notably Imperial College Health Partners, a partnership organisation bringing together providers, commissioners, academia, industry and the public.

Further information on: www.optimedis-cobic.co.uk