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OptiMedium December 2019

COMPAR-EU: exciting news on the Self-Management Blog

Blog selfmanagementInformation related to self-management and relevant developments in research, politics, and practice have been published on an online blog since June 2019 as part of the COMPAR-EU project. Readers will find self-awareness reports, interviews, guest posts, and tips for interesting scientific articles there.

COMPAR-EU aims to identify, compare, and evaluate the most effective interventions in self-management (SMI) for adults in Europe. In the process patients who suffer from one of the following four chronic illnesses will be the focus: type 2 diabetes, obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart failure. Building on the comparison of various self-management interventions, decision-making tools for doctors, patients, clinical guideline developers, and political decision-makers will be developed. Seven partners from five countries will work on the project for a total of five years – including OptiMedis AG. It is leading the work package Communication and Exploitation and is, among other things, responsible for the platform