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OptiMedium December 2019


OptiMedis starts cooperation with the Eurometropole Strasbourg and the Saverne region

Model OptiMedisThe french government was convinced of the OptiMedis-accompanied care model in an innovation competition. Graphic: OptiMedisIn a national competition for investing in innovative projects organised by the French Government the Strasbourg region has put all its efforts into developing the “health region for tomorrow” in the Eurometropole Strasbourg and the Saverne district (official press release). OptiMedis contributed its experience building innovative territorial health systems based on its comprehensive international experience in planning and implementing integrated care arrangements. Together with other contributing partners, these efforts were acknowledged by the French Prime Ministers office and will be funded over the next years with more than EUR 10 million plus a further EUR 24 million as venture capital. Starting in March 2020 OptiMedis will advise the french partners in developing two territorial health system models in the region of Saverne and in one quarter of Strasbourg, which will be followed by firmly establishing OptiMedis-France as a partner in the region.

A first exchange was organised at the 3rd national conference on prescription based sports for health in Strasbourg in October 2019 followed by a 2 day seminar with the Eurodistrict team at the OptiMedis premises in Hamburg in November to discuss the next steps.

The sports for health movement, were the national health insurance system supports physical activities for patients with a variety of conditions exists for many years. More than 250 physicians prescribe sports activities with different levels of support depending on the type of disease for preventive purposes and to activate patients in the Eurometropole region. Additionally, a rapid increase in the availability of e-health applications to monitor physical activity as well as patients conditions can be seen. However, a wider understanding of health with a stronger collaboration between health service providers and a more patient centred approach to health delivery systems and an outcome based performance monitoring as one of the pillars of the OptiMedis approach, is still rare. In recent years new multi- disciplinary physician driven networks were created with interesting features, which may provide a good starting point for an OptiMedis like intervention. Regional health professional communities (communautés professionelles territoriale de Santé (CPTS)) are part of the national strategy “My Health 2022”. CPTS intent to improve coordination of health services and to establish patient centred treatment pathways with sharing patient relevant information across the network and easy access to service providers. Shared service standards should improve quality of care.

Within the upcoming collaboration OptiMedis supports the “health region for tomorrow” project with its expertise and the implementation of its methodology, while integrating into existing mechanisms in the project region (e.g. local health contract, territorial health professional communities, etc.). In addition, OptiMedis collaborates closely with local public health authorities (ARS), health insurance (CPAM) and the Eurometropole to acquire and share health data with the multidisciplinary team, which is necessary to improve quality of services and to evaluate health outcomes.

Strasbourg also represents France in the European “Joint Action” program to promote best practices in health across Europe, for which it will also partner with OptiMedis.