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OptiMedium December 2019


OptiMedis joins the German Health Alliance – promoting global health and encouraging international networking

GHA logoOptiMedis has joined the German Health Alliance (GHA), which connects stakeholders from a variety of disciplines: governments, the private sector, non-governmental organisations, and charities as well as science and academic institutions. This summer the GHA – as part of an initiative by the Voice of German Industry – re-formed and now has more than 110 members from industry, science, charities, NGOs, health organisations, and public development organisations. The German Healthcare Partnership (GHP), German-Sino Healthcare Group (GSHCG), and German Healthcare Export Group (GHE), formerly three stakeholders, have combined their expertise in the process. They leverage their synergies with a specific focus on global health, on excellent, high-quality medical technologies, as well as medical solutions and healthcare services which are needed to provide broadened access to healthcare provision. The experiences of OptiMedis with integrated care solutions as well as the specialised model of "Value-Based Population Health Payment", i.e. the savings made on the basis of insuring all persons in a region, were a particular reason for the GHA’s decision to convince OptiMedis to join as a member.

The members of the GHA work on key topics and form collaborations, projects, and strategic alliances in their own network as well as with external partners and organisations.