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Common practice in the region and the individual patient: FORTA-EPI and MyFORTA uncover potential for improvement

myfortaThe FORTA-EPI data-based algorithm can be used to evaluate drug supply in terms of underuse and overuse based on the FORTA list. Photo: istock I HalfpointDrug therapy for the elderly is perhaps one of the greatest challenges facing physicians. Risks, serious side effects, and interactions must be avoided, while at the same time opportunities, such as stroke prevention, must be pursued.

Together with Prof. Dr. Martin Wehling, pharmacologist and geriatrician from the University Hospital of Mannheim, OptiMedis has developed an algorithm based on the FORTA classification, in which active ingredients are evaluated in conjunction with age-relevant indicators. The algorithm evaluates drug supply at the regional and practice levels in terms of underuse and overuse. Patient-specific evaluation is also possible via the recently developed MyFORTA tool. In addition to diagnoses and medications, other clinical parameters such as pain perception or Hb level can be assessed.

High health economic potential

The FORTA algorithm that was developed can likewise be used for retrospective analyses by health insurance companies, associations of statutory health insurances, physicians, pharmaceutical portals, and research projects, as well as for support in decision-making, especially for physicians and clinics. The health economic potential is high, as shown by our case studies on "hospitalizations due to femoral neck fracture (e.g. ICD code S72.0) after previous medication with benzodiazepines" and on "hospitalizations due to acute gastrointestinal bleeding after previous medication with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs". The case studies, including health economic projections, can be found using this link (German).

Our website (German) describes the application options and the case studies in detail. On a restricted page which requires registration (without further obligation), you can access interactive visualizations of our evaluations. Click here to access the restricted site (German)

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