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New capital for further development and scaling of innovative healthcare I Increased demand

Hamburg-based OptiMedis AG is once again receiving a high six-figure investment for the expansion of its activities in the field of innovative care systems and concepts with a convertible bond. The company for management, analytics and research in the healthcare sector, which focuses on generation a social impact, is thus positioning itself for the sharp rise in demand for solutions in the healthcare system that are needs- and patient-oriented and at the same time economically sustainable. 

Jochen Herdrich BonVentureJochen Herdrich, BonVenture. Picture: BonVenture"The time is right for the transformation of today's fragmented, disease-focused healthcare delivery system into a true healthcare system where physicians and healthcare leaders work with the local population to generate health and are accountable to its assessment," said Jochen Herdrich, partner at Munich-based impact investor BonVenture. "This model improves population health, promotes prevention and patient experience and, last but not least, reduces healthcare costs. OptiMedis is the market leader in this field in Germany and the proven social impact convinces us of both the quality and the financial sustainability of its regional integrated care networks," Herdrich further explains. 

The goal remains the development of a sustainable and patient-oriented healthcare system

The Corona pandemic has highlighted how much health affects all areas of our society, our way of life and the economy: Decision-makers, e.g., hospital operators, municipalities or physician networks, are looking for convincing concepts for future-proof health care, as are those in positions of political responsibility.

OptiMedis has already demonstrated the impact of its work in regional networks such as Gesundes Kinzigtal, Gesunder Werra-Meißner-Kreis or Gesunder Schwalm-Eder-Kreis+ and is contributing its expertise to the political discussion. "In the coming legislature, we would like to see a clear commitment towards an integrated, patient-oriented healthcare system, and we are committed to this every day," emphasizes Dr. h. c. Helmut Hildebrandt, Chairman of the Board of OptiMedis. He recently compiled - together with many renowned experts - a concept on the future of health care that has already provided much impetus for the political debate, and which will be published as book in August (medhochzwei Verlag).

Expand team, scale model and develop new innovations

The successful financing round now enables the further scaling of OptiMedis' internationally proven care model focused on social benefit, as well as the development of new, innovative solutions and products in the area of health promotion and restructuring of care.

Porträt Hildebrandt HelmutHelmut Hildebrandt, OptiMedis. Picture: OptiMedisThe company-wide growth is three-dimensional in nature: On the one hand, the team will be strengthened in the future by additional professionals from health services research and analytics, health sciences and economics, as well as project, product and organizational development. On the other hand, in addition to new (research) projects in Germany and abroad, a roll-out of the population-oriented OptiMedis model is being prepared in other regions of Germany, including Bochum-Wattenscheid, Brandenburg and the Palatinate, as well as in neighboring European countries, such as eastern Belgium. "As a third building block, we are expanding our area of digital & health innovations, so that in the future smart, digital solutions will become a real support in the regional care context," Hildebrandt outlines.

Additional information: Impact Investing

"Impact investing" refers to investments in companies, organizations and funds with the specific intention of achieving measurable, positive effects on the environment or society in addition to a positive financial return. The social or environmental impact is part of the investment strategy and is being measured. In this way, impact investing differs from both traditional, purely return-driven investments and donations, i.e. impact investing closes the gap between return-oriented investments and donations for social causes. The key difference from socially responsible investing is the explicit definition of impact goals and the measurement of the impact of the investment." (Source: Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon 2021, german)

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The current job advertisements are available on the OptiMedis career page (german).

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Chairman of the Board of OptiMedis AG
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