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OptiMedis is going to establish OptiMedis Belgium

OptiMedis AG had a long-term relationship with Belgium and consulted together with other IFIC-experts the ministry in previous years on the health care reform. The recent call for proposals of pilot project to improve integrated care delivery for chronically ill patients was the starting point to formally establish a collaboration with colleagues Dr Jan van Emelen and Mr Jan van Wallendeal, two experienced personalities and managers involved in health care reform in Belgium.

We talked with Dr Jan van Emelen about integrated care in Belgium, the first steps for OptiMedis Belgium and his vision for the future.

Dr van Emelen, how far is Belgium in terms or population-oriented integrated care?

In Belgium, the interministerial conference on health (the conference of all competent ministers) decided in 2015 to implement integrated care in Belgium.

A formal vision document was published and a call for interest was published in the beginning of 2016. Today (end of September), 20 local consortia for integrated care have been agreed by a multidisciplinary jury. The consortia started in September the redaction of their action plan, to be achieved at the end of December.

In January 2017 the concrete actions will start in pilots for a period of 4 years.

What are the first steps you are planning for OptiMedis Belgium?

OptiMedis Belgium is being founded in October 2016. First issue is the acceptation of the business model. Discussions with key opinion leaders and the interministerial Conference are planned in October and November. A positive decision will open the door for the development of a concrete action plan.

What is your vision for OptiMedis Belgium?

Integrated care is definitively the paradigm of development of the rational organization of chronic care in the upcoming years. Budgetary constraints and the ongoing crisis management will conduct to the urgent need for more efficiency. The only model that works and has show to be effective is the OptiMedis model. We are confident that this model will succeed in Belgium.