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Kiss2.0 EU Research Project: OptiMedis tests new IT Platform for Chronic Illnesses

OptiMedis AG is a partner of the European Kiss2.0 project for the improvement of healthcare for chronically ill patients. In terms of this project, the implementation and application of an IT platform will be tested in Germany, Belgium and Sweden. It will support the self-management of chronically ill patients and improve healthcare management by doctors and caregivers.

In this case, three existing IT applications are merged and tested on Type 2 diabetic patients: the E-Health solution Vital Health, a cloud-based platform with different modules for inter-disciplinary patient management and the raising of patient data, Philips mobile devices for the integration of patient data and the interactive module TAVIE for patient education and behavior modification. The TAVIE interactive module contains a virtual nurse, who accompanies the patient through his treatment journey raising knowledge, skills and self-efficacy to improve patients experience of care and maximize health outcomes. For more information please have a look at the TAVIE video.

Together with networks of medical doctors, OptiMedis AG will be integrating and testing the platform in different German regions, which are currently being selected. The project started in January 2016; the platform should be ready for implementation in more regions in 2017, and will be adapted for other indications later.

Kiss2.0 is a project of the EIT Health (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), one of the biggest research projects in the health sector project in the world, under the auspices of the European Union.