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OptiMedis-COBIC UK ltd (OM-C) was set up exactly a year ago, reason enough to reflect on progress to date!

COBICf.l.t.r.: Dr Oliver Gröne, Timo Schulte (OptiMedis AG), Dr Nicholas Hicks und Andrew P. Smith What is OM-C? OM-C brings together the expertise and experience of two well established and pioneering companies, OptiMedis AG from Germany and COBIC Ltd from the UK, working in close association with Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP), the Academic Health Science Network. OM-C and its parent organisations are value-driven as are its partners pursuing the sole mission is to get better outcomes for citizens, their families and their communities and better value for those that pay for care. OM-C works with local health and care economies in the National Health Service to develop, design and implement Accountable Care Systems that focus on the outcomes that matter most to local people.

In the last year, in addition to setting up operations and communications, OM-C has won a significant contract to undertake a 12 month due diligence and preparation exercise for a health care integrator function with Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group - this is being delivered through an OMC-led consortium, which includes North-East London Commissioning Support Unit, Imperial College Health Care Partners, PPL and Social Finance. A similar contract, albeit smaller in scale, is being implemented in East Grinstead. OM-C also delivered, and continues to do so in 2018, a series of training workshops and capability development programmes to support Commissioners in their efforts to implement current NHS reforms.

We also delivered, together with the word class Imperial College Business School a 3-day intensive course on “Accountable Care – Making it Happen” which we also plan to repeat in 2018. Throughout the year, we had meetings with senior NHS officials to discuss Accountable Care reforms and have been invited to various consortia to deliver these reforms.

In summary, it has been a very busy year - OM-C has now a solid business plan, sales pipeline and is seeking investment to go into the next phase of development. We are looking forward to 2018!