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Digital & Health Innovation Centre – Translating innovations into routine care provision

Large Selection, Great Potential, Poor Chances – despite the fast market growth of digital Health, a sustainable translation into routine care provision still fails. We want to do it better. Even though there is still a lack of the digital health infrastructure and big concerns about data protection, a large number of innovations in the healthcare sector have already proven their effectiveness. Nevertheless, a successful implementation and a sustainable usage of promising digital services is not guaranteed. A rising number of surveys show that patients as well as physicians do want to use digital services, but ultimately do not accept them because of uncertainty, impenetrability and unrecognizable benefits. That´s the starting point in our Digital & Health Innovation Centre: The aim is to complement the classic evaluation processes in the healthcare sector by focusing on practical application, generating business cases and modelling its impact - thus making it easier for health care insurance companies, management companies, networks of physicians or hospitals to make selections in the complex innovations market.














 If you want to know more about the service of the Innovation Centre and the evaluation process click here to download our latest Sales Pitch!