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We know how to improve care and health to make it more effective, affordable and sustainable. We create greater health benefit for entire regions – in Germany as well as other European countries.

Infographic OptiMedis modelTogether with regional medical networks, OptiMedis AG is building an integrated healthcare structure in which doctors, therapists, hospitals, pharmacies and many other partners work in association and overcome past constraints. They coordinate treatment and can access all important information at a glance through the electronic network. Insured patients will be actively involved and motivated for early disease prevention and participation in health and care programs. Clubs, schools, businesses and local authorities in the region will also be involved. In other words, the focus is on the whole person and its environment. To see our model of Regionally Integrated Healthcare in an infographic, please click here.

Our mission is based on the Triple Aim principles of Donald M. Berwick, with the following goals:

  • Better health
  • Better care (experience)
  • Lower (relative) costs

We’ve done it at Gesundes Kinzigtal in Baden-Württemberg.

Scientific evaluation by several universities and our own internal healthcare research show that healthcare in the South Baden region is better than elsewhere. The residents of Kinzigtal are more active, those health insurance companies involved are gaining customers and costs are lower than the national average:

In 2014 new figures lead to an improved contribution margin for 2012 of "146 Euro per AOK-insured person, or 4.6 million Euro for all 31,000 AOK-insured persons in the region in regard to risk adjusted normal costs of care in Germany". That is, the actual cost of the insured were almost seven percentage points lower than expected costs.

And recent evaluation of the PMV Research Group of the University of Cologne draws positive conclusions as well. The researchers found that there was a decline in over-, under- and misuse of healthcare in many indications in the Kinzigtal region, and at the same time they observed an increase in healthcare quality.

Read more about the results here.

For further information please visit the english website of Gesundes Kinzigtal.

We also work with committed medical networks, therapists and hospitals in other German regions. And together with partners from the Netherlands, we established OptiMedis Netherlands in 2014.

If you need more information, please contact us.