The term “Health Kiosk” has been used for a while, often denoting IT supported terminals providing health information. More recently, in particular following Finland´s implementation of the health kiosk in Sitra and the success in implementing a similar structure in Germany, the term is understood as a low threshold advice centre where people can have all of their questions about health, health promotion and self-management answered in languages appropriate to the vicinity. This is especially needed for those who require special support, improved access to healthcare and to ensure their care is better coordinated. The specially
trained kiosk personnel come from health and social professions. They prepare and review medical appointments, enable people to increase responsibility for their own health, offer special health courses and programmes – with a special focus on vulnerable groups, immigrants and the chronically ill – and provide on-site help.

Would you like to set up a health kiosk in your city or area?

At a glance

Promotion of health literacy
Improving prevention and health literacy
Low threshold access to health services
Relieving pressure on the health system
Networking of public health services and social services
Improving care processes


Professionally trained and certified nursing and geriatric care givers, medical assistants, midwives, social workers, social insurance workers or similar with several years of professional experience or an academic qualification in health science, social work or similar

+ further qualifications in case management (after employment)

+ multi-lingual



Organisation & Tasks


Anja Stührenberg

Project & Healthcare Managerin