Data analytics

We can make health care better and more efficient by unlocking the potential of health and care data: with careful analysis, thoughtful aggregation, using the data in practice and developing new concepts based on the insights so obtained. Join us in working towards a healthcare system where the outcome counts.

Analyse data and unlock potential

Which patient groups benefit from new digital solutions and what use do they have in everyday care? What is the potential of planned measures and interventions in health care? What is the likelihood that new forms of care and technologies will lead to savings and better health outcomes? These are a few examples of questions that we answer with our analyses of medical and nursing care using data supplied from health insurance companies or outpatient clinical data. Represented graphically, the data are useful tools, informing new concepts for health promotion, prevention and care or for health policy decisions.

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We bring fifteen years of experience in analysing healthcare data. For our partnered health regions, such as the Gesunder Schwalm-Eder-Kreis, we regularly analyse outcomes and thus contribute to the further development of care on site. In addition to descriptive analyses (“What has happened and is currently happening?”), we also develop predictive analyses (“What will happen and why?”) to recognise patterns and make forecasts.


Health care needs and structures

We analyse and evaluate health and care data from various areas of the health care system and aggregate them when this is beneficial. In consultation with you, we can develop recommendations for better and more efficient care.

Analysis of Ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSCs)

Many hospital admissions could be avoided with effective and early outpatient care. We have extensive experience in analysing outpatient-sensitive hospital cases.

Analysis of nursing home-sensitive conditions (PSK)

We analyse the diagnoses with which nursing home residents are most frequently admitted to hospital and assess which of the admissions could also have been treated on an outpatient basis. In addition to the pure case numbers of nursing home-sensitive condition diagnoses, we can also calculate other key metrics, depending on the data source.

Questionnaire development and technical implementation

From small employee surveys to complex Delphi studies: We will quickly and easily create a finished online questionnaire from your template and take care of the web hosting in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Evaluation of German Hospital Renumeration Act (KHEntgG) § 21 data

Among other things, we evaluate the risk potential due to outpatient treatment, bed occupancy, catchment areas or use of the emergency room. You can interactively filter our analyses according to various criteria, for example by location, ICD code, specialist department, age or place of residence.

Routine data analysis

Our potential analyses include different evaluations for any demographic, e.g., general key figures, costs, allocations and contribution margins, hospital stays with duration and costs, comorbidities and drug prescriptions.

Our Products


Use FORTA to ensure patients receive the correct medication: By evaluating the supply of medicines to older patients, over- and undersupply can be identified and thus use of medicines in health care can be improved.


Quality of care at a glance: With our online tool DOKpit, doctors can quickly and easily assess the quality of their own services and compare their practise with others on the internet.



Head of Health Data Analytics & IT

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