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29. June 2020

OptiMedium June 2020

In this issue you read amongst other topics about the activities of the regional health networks around the pandemic and a report on the launch of a patient empowerment platform in the Werra-Meissner district. In an interview, you will find out more about the new role for pharmacists in regional integrated care and the development of a major project supported by Optimedis in France.

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Dear Readers, dear Friends,

will life go on as normal after the current COVID-19 pandemic? The health authorities might have a little more staff, a few doctors might offer online appointments, the healthcare sector (hopefully) doing better – but other than that, it’s “business as usual”? This is one of those rare moments when a crisis might also lead to relevant changes: towards a coordinated, digitally networked and resilient supply system that allows for quick and concerted action even in times of crisis. The International Foundation for Integrated Care describes how we can accelerate this development in its current, highly readable publication “Realising the true value of integrated care: beyond COVID-19”.

The logic of economics lets us put our trust in such a path: The fragmented uncoordinated system is simply too expensive to be an indicator for the anticipated legislation in conditions of scarcity of resources and restructuring The possible €34 billion efficiency gain for Germany (12% total cost from 2018) that McKinsey had indicated was calculated without sufficient consideration of the required investment. However, they do show massive savings and improvement opportunities for a “smart” transformation through the use of artificial intelligence, Big Data, and digital applications.

The enormous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on public debt, the destruction of businesses and life-long dreams as well as the lost years of life of those who died of COVID-19 or as a result of it show the consequences of delayed investment in new structures all too clearly. Together with actors, social service providers, social investors, and private as well as state investors, we now have to work towards governments in Europe learning from this, and we have to counter the forces that persist in current structures.

We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to hearing from you.



Helmut Hildebrandt, Chairman of the Board OptiMedis and Manfred Zahorka, Senior Manager Project Development

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